Question by SChi25: Where should your wedding consultant be?
I’m planning on having an out-of-state wedding (from Chicago to Upstate NY). My question is, where should I get my wedding consultant? On one hand, having one in Chicago would be great because we would be able to meet face to face more often. However, having one in NY would be great because he/she would know the vendors and have a better understanding of the area.

Also, I’m planning on just having one for wedding day coordination, not a full-service consultant.

Has anyone had experience with this? Do tell!

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Answer by Veronica W
I personally would hire only one planner in New York who could both serve as a consultant and wedding day coordinator. Having a New York planner will definitely come in handy since he/she will be more familiar with the area. Of course, it will be more difficult to communicate in person, but people do this all the time for destination weddings and out of state weddings. You could always visit with her once or twice in New York as well during the wedding planning in addition to phone calls and e-mails.

But if you really think having a consultant would be helpful for you in Chicago, you could still do that and also hire a wedding day coordinator in NY. If you choose to do this, I’d pick your Chicago consultant very carefully. You’ll definitely want someone with experience in planning out of state or destination weddings. He/she can also be helpful in facilitating arrangements with your wedding day coordinator in New York.

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