Question by yakigirisan: What is the real difference between Catering and banquet operations and food service production?
I want to be a professional chef and I have all the “real” academic courses almost done for either of these but not any of the practical and before I apply to a program- I figured I should know what I’m doing.

I want to cater- but I I also want to work in a restaurant. It seems like Catering and banquet operations is my best bet – right?

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Answer by Tio Paco
Food service production refers to fast food “cookie cutter” food prep. Everything is the same, and is either preprocessed or made from “The Book” from which there can be no deviations. This is why a (insert name of fast food here) cheese burger tastes the same whether you buy it in Chicago, N.Y., or L.A.

Chain restaurants, fall into the same problem. Food is made to order from fresh ingredients, but it still must taste like the command recipe to which you were hired to cook like.

Single, independent, or “Designer Chain” restaurants can give you the format to cook the way you please, and if you feel the food needs “tweaking” you can make the change yourself with out permission from the Corporate Headquarters.
No two Wolfgang Puck Pizza’s ever look the same.

Catering can be a blessing and a curse, but mostly it will make you curse when you think no one is listening. Especially the weddings! The first person I ban from my kitchens is the wedding planner, if she is related to the bride. Nobody needs the stress of a hysterical planner while trying to make 100 dinners that are all the same.

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